Yes, it is finals week (if you couldn’t tell from the reduced number of my posts), and I have an essay due tomorrow as well as a final that I have not yet started studying for. But I would be remiss in my ~*American manners*~ if I did not share this gem with you: Asians in the Library: can you please stop with the obnoxious ching chong ling tong-ing?

Of course, I’m sure that by now, almost everyone has seen this video as well as the hilarious remix (one of the remixes, anyway. I’m sure there are more). You have all had time to bask in its ignorance and xenophobia. What should you do now? Well, you can read the Asian Pacific Coalition’s response. You can buy a Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong t-shirt to support the relief efforts in Japan (I can’t find the link, but yes, this exists).

What should you not do, though? Make sexist comments. Make racist comments. Obtain personal information and send death threats. Seriously, you all, that is not on. Being equally ignorant and hateful is not the appropriate response to this video. Whatever Alexandra Wallace has said, she does not deserve to feel threatened.

So put your headphones in, put that remix on repeat, and, for pity’s sake, don’t ching chong ling long in the library! It’s bad manners…or didn’t your Asian parents tell you?


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