This Thursday night, China Care Bruins will be hosting its third annual awareness night (FUSE) in Kerckhoff Grand Salon. Here’s the press release:

This Thursday evening, China Care Bruins is hosting FUSE, our third annual awareness night in Kerckhoff Grand Salon. The event will feature free musical entertainment, and a speaker panel to raise cultural awareness and discussion.

Every year, CCB hosts a production featuring musical performances by up-and-coming performers and UCLA alum who have performed for venues such as Spring Sing. Our purpose has been to raise awareness of the complications surrounding the one-child policy in China, adoption issues, and identity issues in the Asian-American community at large, and to raise funds for surgeries for at-risk orphans in Beijing. This year, we’re expanding to include all students and members of the community who identify more with a multicultural or bicultural outlook. Since we all live and function within an overarching societal atmosphere that may be lacking in representation or acknowledgment, we seek to connect with others who also have encountered a need to reconcile their heritage and create a working fusion with this American reality.

Our entertainment this year will feature performances by Jane Lui, the 2008 winner of Kollaboration LA and Youtube-recognized singer-songwriter, and Ryan Huang, UCLA alum and Youtube-recognized vocalist and guitarist. We also have a special guest DJ who will be performing sets throughout the night.

We have a diverse array of speakers for our facilitated panel and Q&A session:
JANE LUI, Asian-American singer-songwriter
JERI FLOYD, former director of Families with Children from China (SoCal div.)
LAYHANNARA TEP, director of Asian Pacific Coallition
ANGELA CHEN, current UCLA education department graduate student

China Care Bruins is an organization that aims to foster enriching relationships between Chinese adoptees and UCLA students, fund necessary medical procedures for special-needs orphans in China, and educate the community about adoption and identity issues. Since its founding in 2005, CCB has raised almost $14,000. Right now, we’re focusing on a $2600 surgery for a girl with teratoma in an orphanage in Beijing, and are about $1500 away from our goal.

So come on out and show some support!

China Care Bruins


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