Not your conventional Chinatown fried rice, but it’s got the basics. And it’s easy to make- which is all that matters for inexperienced starving students.

2-3 eggs
1 bunch of Chinese broccoli
4 Chinese sausages
5 cups of rice
soy sauce
sesame oil

To prepare: Get the rice cooking! Peel and dice the stalks of the Chinese broccoli and shred the leaves. Cut the sausages into thin slices.

On the stove: Cook the sausages and Chinese broccoli in sesame oil until the sausages turn a deep red and it starts to smell really good. Take out the sausages and broccoli and scramble the eggs in the same oil. Then add in the sausages, Chinese broccoli, and the rice. Douse it with soy sauce to taste and fry it up!

Makes about 3 generous servings.

voila!the ingredients
the ingredients

Coming up: kimchi burritos!


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