On October 29, a night close to Halloween, the UCLA Japanese Animation Club (JAC) hosted its third Anime Dinner Night at FEAST, which featured Japanese anime themed cuisines with a Halloween twist.

The Gruesome Eats for the night were:

Bruin Wok
Elsa Maria “Witch Hair” Pasta
Witch Charlotte’s Fingers Oyakodon Bowl

Spice Kitchen
Spirited Away Ramen
Faceless “Eyeball” Custard

Stone Oven
Titan’s Meat Lover’s Flatbread
Black Butler’s Signature Strawberry Cream Cheese Flatbread

Iron Grill
The “Death on Horseback” in a Blanket
Deep Fried “Piranha”
Soul “Brain” Pancake

The event also included a variety of entertainment. As people waited in line, DJ Justin Hou played live music which included a mix of anime opening and ending songs, J-Pop, K-Pop, Trap, Electronic Dance Music, Future, and so forth. Moreover, Kyodo Taiko and Yukai Daiko performed Taiko drumming, and the Holy Quintet, a Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica cosplay group, presented dance numbers.

Additionally, the night featured special events such as the spicy food contest, where participants competed over who can eat more spicy food in the time limit, and a fundraiser by Fresh Produce, the art focused partner club of JAC, who hosted paid art commissions.

Check out the photo gallery below:

Anime themed works of art by Fresh Produce members.
Anime themed works of art by Fresh Produce members. Photo by Lucy Ma.
Performance by Kyodo Taiko. Photo by Lucy Ma.
Works of art at the Fresh Produce art commission booth. Photo by Lucy Ma.

Lucy is a fourth year undergrad student who loves reading, video games, and animals. She is an Asian American Studies Major and experiences existential crisis on a regular basis.

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