Mauna a Wākea, known as Hawaii’s highest mountain, is a dormant volcano located on indigenous land. 

Due to its location and height, a collection of universities and research institutes – including a multitude of CSU’s and UC’s – are seeking out the construction of a telescope deemed the “Thirty Meter Telescope” (TMT), with the rationale that it will provide some of the world’s best views of space. 

Native Hawaiians have been challenging and peacefully protesting the decision to built the TMT for years.

Considering the United States has a history of capitalism and imperialism, this protest raises the importance of acknowledging and respecting culture/tradition in the face of science. That is to say that the efforts against building the TMT on sacred land is not an anti-science sentiment, but a call for a systemic force to recognize and respect the space as sacred to Native Hawaiians.

The fight is not over and the goal of #ProtectMaunaKea is the divestment of the TMT project.

If you are in the means to donate to this cause, please look below to the “How to Support” section. However, you can also be an ally to the Pacific Islander community by taking the time to educate yourself and others by doing your own research and also reaching out to the Pacific Islander community to see how you can volunteer your efforts and your platform!

How to support: 

  • Share what you’ve learned and help educate others on this matter via social media and your inner circle!
  • Donate and help financially support community organizing, the protection fund, and provide bail bonds for those incarcerated for peacefully protesting!
  • Sign this petition

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By: Abita Venkatesh, Amanda Leutmixay, Kyla Worrell, Audrey Yao


Amanda is a fourth year Anthropology (B.A.) major and an Asian American Studies minor. She enjoys reading, photography, and food.

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