UCLA Professor of Urban Planning, Social Welfare, and Asian American Studies Dr. Paul Ong, with the Asian American Justice Center, has shown that on average, Asian Americans fare poorly in receiving government-based contracts on any government level.
The study covered Asian Americans in major cities: San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta. From this study, it was shown that Korean Americans were the most likely to be self-employed but still earned on average less than Caucasians. His study also showed that Asian Americans have a difficult time in finding jobs and creating networks.  Although the study was limited to three cities, the data collected can be applied to other cities around the country.
Research Assistant Oiyan Poon said that Asian Americans must take a larger political role in voicing their concerns to cause change. For example, a 2003 exclusion of Asian Americans from Chicago’s Minority Business Enterprise program led to a concerted response by the Asian American community. Needless to say, in 2009, Asian Americans were allowed to participate in the program without any objection.




By: Jimmy Zhou


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