An Anime-Themed Bonanza at Feast

On May 27th, UCLA’s Feast dining hall held its second annual Anime Dinner Night, hosted by UCLA’s own Japanese Animation Club (JAC). This event celebrated Japanese animation and anime culture through displaying themed decorations and dishes as well as featuring activities throughout the night. Similar to a miniature convention, many students cosplayed as various characters from a variety of anime shows. Tokyo Otaku Mode, an international business with locations in LA, also contributed to the decorations and manned a booth outside.

Peanut Butter Mochi

So last night, some of us from PacTies were invited to a screening of Feast at Rieber, the new Pan-Asian restaurant at Rieber (duh). It was pretty good: bulgogi sandwiches, curry fries, thin-crust pizza with chives and pineapples, nothing short of Kogi except that it’s not on wheels. But the yummiest thing that I took…