We are the oldest student-run Asian Pacific Islander Desi American newsmagazine in the nation. Publishing at UCLA since 1977, we showcase rich and diverse stories about the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community on and off campus through news and commentary.

We create an on-going dialogue that offers insight into the dynamics of being an APIDA. Pacific Ties serves to challenge the perceptions of APIDA identity as well as to celebrate the achievements of the communities we all have ties to.


Many more of our print publications can be found on our Issuu page! This issues contain content from our staff not found on our website. We strive to produce at least a zine each year and distribute them across the UCLA campus.


Where do we get all the moolah to publish the magazine and keep up the costs of running a publication? From the support of readers like you. We’re a non-profit publications (that means we don’t earn any money and we work for free). That’s right. All of our staff members volunteer their time, blood, and sweat so we can all be better informed and critical-thinking people. So we ask that if you enjoyed PacTies–and would like to see bigger, better things for future–please consider a donation of any amount. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more information about how you can help.

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Our team consists of:

Abita Venkatesh, Editor-in-Chief | Email: [email protected]

Charlotte Chui, Managing Editor

Vanshita Gupta, Managing Editor

Ashley Kim, Managing Editor

Christine King, Staff Writer

Nidhi Ramesh, Staff Writer

Noelle Chang, Staff Writer

Emma Ong, Copy Editor

Lynette Cabalerro, Copy Editor

Jonas Yee, Copy Editor

Chelsea Tran, Copy Editor

Yusra Akhundzadah, Copy Editor

Jeffrey Sandoval Medina, Social Media Coordinator

Kai Tokiyeda, Social Media Coordinator

Zona Liao, Designer

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